Today is Trans Day of Resilience. Here's why it matters:

November 20, 2015

Growing up, I couldn’t tell you the definition of “transgender.” I just knew I was a girl, even though I didn’t know what that meant.It was painful for me. I remember not having any answers and not knowing where to get answers from. But mostly, I remember dreaming – dreaming of being...

What I want young trans girls to know

November 17, 2015

My name is Riley and I work for Young Women United, a Strong Families partner. As a trans woman of color, I’m incredibly proud to be a part of an organization that’s building a world where all of us – including trans women and femmes of color – have access to the information and resources...

Artists and Activists Re-Imagine "Trans Day of Remembrance"

November 17, 2015

Eight transgender artists and organizations release original art highlighting trans resilience, power and leadershipNovember 16, 2015 — Today...

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