Our Families Count All Year Long, During Election Season and Beyond!

Civic participation means getting everyday folks involved in the decisions that affect our families and communities. Election season is an especially important time for us to speak up, and there are many ways we can all get involved in the process, regardless of our citizenship status or whether we can vote.

From School Board to Senators

The state guides can help us get involved in the process. Each one explains the kinds of decisions that people in elected positions make about issues that impact our daily lives.

Check them out and share them with friends and family!

Who's Who in Montana Politics?

Who's Who in Montana Politics?
Brought to you by Montana Women Vote and Strong Families.

Who's Who in Colorado Politics?

Who's Who in Colorado Politics?
Brought to you by Elephant Circle and Strong Families.

Making Policy at the Ballot Box

In many states, voters are asked to make policy decision when they cast their votes for or against ballot measures. This Oregon voter guide looks at seven ballot measures and makes recommendations for how to vote to support all families in Oregon to thrive.

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