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Led by ACRJ, Strong Families is a ten-year national initiative to secure the respect, the resources and the recognition that our families need to thrive. Get all the latest press releases and social media activity here.

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East Bay Express: "Talking About Sex—and Being Asian " 8/17/2011

"Is it okay for men to cry? Should women feel obligated to wear makeup and keep their hair long? Are they inviting harassment by wearing revealing clothes? Do they compromise their reputation by dating too much? Such were the questions posed to a group of Asian-American teenagers recently at a retreat sponsored by Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice. The purpose? To get them to talk about gender roles, sexuality, and what it means to be Asian American—in between berry-picking excursions and back country hikes. ..."

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RH Reality Check: "The Triumph Over Racist Billboards in Oakland: We Did It Together" 7/14/2011

By Eveline Shen, ACRJ's Executive Director

"On behalf of all of us who have worked on the campaign to remove the racist, anti-choice billboards in Oakland, I want to say thank you for all you did. So many of you emailed CBS Outdoor and spread the word about the action that we were able to generate thousands of emails to CBS Outdoor insisting on the removal of the billboards. At the height of the action, over 500 emails an hour were going into their local and national offices. ..."

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Portland, OR Radio: Bread and Roses, 6/9/2011

Amanda Wake, Youth Organizing Manager at ACRJ and Aimee Santos-Lyons, Strong Families Northwest Program Manager for Western States Center in Portland, Oregon speak about their work with Strong Families and honoring young mothers and all families this Mother's Day.

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KPFA 94.1 FM Pacific Radio: APEX Express, 6/2/2011

SAFIRE youth Mimi Ley, Michelle Sar and Melinda Saephan, along with Youth Organizing Manager Amanda Wake, talk about the importance of honoring the young mothers in our community and countering the stigma that young parents face. Mimi who is 18 and new mom to Sincere, 6 weeks, speaks about the judgment, joys and struggles she faces as a young mom. Melinda and Michelle talk about the actions they are taking as part of the SAFIRE youth program to stand with young mothers in their community, including the Young Mama's music video SAFIRE worked on and the Young Families Day Celebration that happened last May along with The Center For Young Women's Development. They are featured in the second half of the show.

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Gender and Climate Change: An Introduction, Earthscan Press 2010

ACRJ is a contributing author in this new book edited by Irene Dankelman, which provides a comprehensive introduction to gender aspects of climate change.  In this global examination, ACRJ's organizing work at the intersection of reproductive justice and climate justice is featured as one of the two case studies in the United States. All royalties of the book will be put in a special sub-fund under the Joke Waller-Hunter Initiative to support women's capacity building and leadership in climate change policies and action.

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RH Reality Check: "Guns and Genitals: Sex-Ed Montana Style," 8/6/2010

By Lisa Russ, ACRJ Communications Specialist

This article was orginally published on the ACRJ blog.

"Seems to me that simple, clear communication works best, even with young kids. When there is a threat or an opportunity I let my kids know in plain and simple terms...Judging from the turbulence caused by a sex ed curriculum under consideration by the School Board in Helena, MT, there are people who disagree. According to Fox News, some local parents are in a tizzy about their kindergartners learning the actual words for their body parts, including those covered by their bathing suits."

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KPFA 94.1 Pacifica Radio: Apex Express, 6/3/2010

"Three young Asian Pacific American, women, community organizers in the Bay Area—Angela Angel, Jidan Koon, and Amanda Wake [of ACRJ]—discuss their recent experience in Movement Generation's Permaculture for the People two-week training. We will discuss the popularizing concept of permaculture and urban gardening in the context of API cultures and how it has inspired them as activists fighting for economic and environmental justice in low-income communities in the Bay Area."

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AlterNet: "Will Workers in the Gulf Be the Next Victims of Environmentally Induced Cancer?" 5/21/2010

Co-written by Eveline Shen, ACRJ's Executive Director

"As we all watch the oil continue to gush into the Gulf of Mexico, many of us are also watching the stories of the workers unfold... The story of the workers on the oil rig illustrates the life and times of many workers in the US today. Told to buck up, take responsibility and to be happy for the jobs they have, workers are often lacking basic training and protections from the materials and in many cases, especially for low wage workers, they can be fired at any time. ..."

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RH Reality Check: "For Mother’s Day: What Chemical Reform Can Do for Workers," 5/7/2010

By Dana Ginn Paredes, ACRJ's Organizing Director

"'America's system for regulating industrial chemicals is broken,' Senator Frank Lautenberg said when he introduced the Safe Chemicals Act last week. 'Parents are afraid because hundreds of untested chemicals are found in their children's bodies. EPA does not have the tools to act on dangerous chemicals, and the chemical industry has asked for stronger laws so that their customers are assured their products are safe.' As a parent-to-be (8 weeks to go, and counting down) I was elated to read Lautenberg's words, and to know that he has helped kick off a long overdue discussion of the US's outmoded system."

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Voices from the Frontlines Radio: "Eveline Shen & Marisol Franco: Health Care Reform, Women, and the Future of Reproductive Justice," 4/6/2010

"Shen and Franco offer a reproductive justice score card for the recently passed health care reform legislation, pointing to new challenges that will face women in accessing abortion, especially low income women, immigrants, and women of color. The bill not only preserves the Hyde Amendment's federal ban on abortion services funding, but erects new barriers in ensuring accessing abortions both through private and public medical insurance."

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KPFA 94.1 Pacifica Radio: International Women's Day Special, 3/26/2010

ACRJ's ED Eveline Shen and Linda Burnham discuss the importance of women of color in activism and policy change, with host Joy Moore on "Women Talk. Part of KPFA's 17-hour long broadcast celebrating International Women’s Day on Sunday.

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KPFA 94.1 Pacifica Radio: Apex Express, 3/25/2010

"This week on Apex Express, we talk about the City of Oakland's climate change plan. [Dana Ginn Paredes of] Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice and the Ella Baker Center join us to talk about their efforts to impact Oakland's climate plan policies."

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Women's eNews: "21 Leaders for the 21st Century: Seven Who Build Autonomy," 1/5/2010

"Climate change, toxic work environments and immigrant women workers are just some of the issues that Eveline Shen links to women's reproductive health. Going beyond the issues of access to appropriate health care or even nutrition, Shen's mission is to improve women's health — particularly those of color — by interjecting the concept of justice throughout her work. 'A person has reproductive justice when they can drink water and not be worried about reproductive health,' says Shen, the executive director of the Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice. ..."

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Collective Voices: "A Toolkit to Transform API Communities," Fall 2009

Op-ed by Diana Ip, ACRJ's former Communications and Development Director

"Polls show that Asian Pacific Island (API) parents in California, like other California parents regardless of religion, race, or education level, overwhelmingly support comprehensive sexuality education. However, little to no outreach is made to API parents and caregivers to activate their power. So earlier this year, along with support from the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California, we at ACRJ created Transforming API Communities: Tools for Comprehensive Sexuality Education, a toolkit that assists organizers, service providers and other community groups in mobilizing API support for comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) in their local communities and schools. ..."

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National Radio Project: "When Your Back's Against a Wall, You Gotta Dance: On the Frontlines of Reproductive Justice," 8/6/2008

"Women across the nation are struggling with access to quality comprehensive reproductive health services. The women hit hardest are the ones who can least afford it, particularly poor and homeless women, young women and women of color. But solutions are coming–as women's health issues continue to become more integrated into the overall social justice conversation. Eveline Shen from Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice speaks about the reproductive justice movement, and we'll hear about community-based work in San Francisco, Denver and New Orleans. ..."

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Audrey Magazine: "Countdown to Health," December 2006 – January 2007

"Maria Nakae, alliance building coordinator for Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice, relays a story about a young woman who found out she was pregnant. She couldn't tell her parents and spoke little English, so she came to the organization seeking support. 'She had never even heard of Planned Parenthood,' Nakae says. 'And she didn't know options of confidential services existed.' Nakae says the incident illustrates the lack of reproductive health information available to immigrant women who don't speak English proficiently. ..."

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Voices from the Frontlines Radio: "Eveline Shen: Propositions 85 and the Fate of Reproductive Rights," 9/25/2006

"Eveline Shen from Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice sheds light on Proposition 85, a 2006 California ballot initiative requiring parental notification for minors seeking to access abortion services. How does Proposition 85 fit into the broader attack on reproductive access and justice around the country by political conservatives? In conversation with Damon Azali and Lisa Adler."

MP3 » | About the radio show » "Reproductive Justice: Toward a Comprehensive Movement," 1/20/2006

Op-ed by Eveline Shen, ACRJ's Executive Director

"On the 33rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, reproductive rights activists, the media, and legislators are focusing on how the confirmation of Samuel Alito will impact the reproductive rights of women in the United States. Indeed, Alito's previous record raises serious concerns for those who support reproductive rights and civil rights. Historically and currently, many reproductive rights leaders and activists have viewed Roe v. Wade as being at the center of the fight for reproductive rights and abortion access. However, a constitutional right to abortion is not enough to protect the reproductive health of women, nor even abortion access for all women. ..."

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National Radio Project: "Enduring Choice," 8/17/2005

"A growing number of women are seeing the link between their reproductive health, their civil liberties, the environment and economics. On this edition, we hear about the common thread that connects women from all walks of life. From prison cells, to the barrios in Fresno, California, women of color are organizing around the broad theme of reproductive justice. Featuring: ... Judy Lee and Dana Ginn Paredes, organizers, Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice."

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Oakland Tribune: "Teenagers Learn of a Dangerous Beauty," 8/7/2005

"The cosmetic products they are examining are in a gray area — not food we eat nor the air we breathe. They are products most people use every day, but the FDA does not have authority to regulate cosmetic products. ACRJ's toxins and cosmetics project fits in with a larger effort in the Bay Area and across the country attempting to address such regulation. ..."

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When We Were APIRH:

San Francisco Bay Guardian: "The New Choice," 11/5/2003

"Eveline Shen runs Asians and Pacific Islanders for Reproductive Health, an Oakland-based organization. ... APIRH is dedicated to a 'much more holistic and comprehensive,' grassroots approach, according to Shen, than the mainstream abortion rights groups. ... 'We want to get mainstream reproductive rights groups to think about race and class, but we also want social justice groups to think about gender,' she told me. She also emphasized that this is a good way to diversify the movement. ... If the movement stretched beyond abortion, you'd be less likely to get the response that it's just 'a white woman's issue,' she said. ..."

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ColorLines: "Unsettled Refugees," Fall 2001

"Cambodian girls in the HOPE for Girls project of Asians and Pacific Islanders for Reproductive Health (APIRH) held several community readings of their poetry and stories, which were published in a 1999 chapbook called The Way In. The girls at APIRH's Oakland headquarters are working on a collection of writings about the impact of issues such as education, environmental racism, and welfare on their lives. The writing project is called Bloodlines. The question they started out with: why are our families poor? ..."

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AsianWeek: "Some Groups See Rise in Teen Pregnancy," 6/8/2000

"'There is a [correlation] between rates of pregnancy and Southeast Asian teens,' said Ann Cheatham, research coordinator for Asians and Pacific Islanders for Reproductive Health. 'Their poverty rates are much higher, they don't have access to health care services, and there's a lack of access to education.' ..."

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AsianWeek: "To Speak for Ourselves," 9/3/1998

"Asian American women have long been part of the abortion debate. In 1989, a group concerned that their voices were absent from the larger debate formed Asians and Pacific Islanders for Choice (APIC), a volunteer-run, pro-choice organization addressing reproductive health issues for Asian American women. The group, since renamed Asian Pacific Islanders for Reproductive Health (APIRH), was the first such organization to address Asian American women's reproductive health concerns, according to Peggy Saika, an early member."

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