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Strong Families is a network of organizations and individuals that believe all families deserve the resources, rights, and recognition to thrive. Strong Families campaigns seek to interrupt the dominant and dated cultural values and policies that stigmatize our families based on race, gender, and income and replace them with values and policies that respect and recognize them.

We realize that in order to make this a reality, our movements must work together effectively and dismantle power dynamics that perpetuate inequality within our movements and communities – recognizing organizational isolation does not serve our families who must navigate intersecting types of oppression.

This network is led and staffed by Forward Together – we work collaboratively with organizations that see the value in and desire collaboration. We prioritize work that has the support of a critical mass of Strong Families partners that have interest and capacity for strategic collaboration and growth.

If your organization would like to sign on in support of the Strong Families Initiative, just let us know by filling out the form to the right. Together, we can secure the possibility for all strong families to thrive.

By joining the Strong Families Network, you will...

  • Be a part of a national movement. You'll be able to connect with organizations at the local, state, and national level who are working to improve conditions for all families. Strong Families connects organizations at all levels to build authentic collaborations, leverage resources, and work better together.
  • Collaboratively develop and carry out innovative strategies. Participating in Strong Families means you have a way to share ideas, get feedback, collaborate, and refine strategies with a diverse network. You can find opportunities to collaborate locally, statewide, or nationally through our various cohorts, task forces, and webinars.
  • Amplify your voice, your organization, your issue. With over 150 organizations already involved from various sectors, your organization will be able to reach new audiences and build bridges across movements for greater visibility and more effective advocacy.
  • Help craft and utilize a winning political frame in support of your work. Strong Families has collectively developed a dynamic family frame that has allowed people from all walks of life to connect with the often stigmatizing and challenging issues we care about. By joining, you will have access to this frame and be able to shape it to fit your efforts to enact policies and change culture in support of your community and all families.
  • Share skills, get technical support, and access financial resources. Forward Together leads and staffs Strong Families and provides a hub for skills-sharing for Strong Families partners. Forward Together raises money to support the collaborative work of the initiative and invests in building the capacity of Strong Families leaders.
  • Access powerful tools that shift how people think. Art moves people. As a Strong Families partner, you will benefit from Forward Together's work with artists who design to shift culture in ways that words and policy often can't. You'll also have access to a range of tools including compelling materials aimed at addressing our communities' comprehensive needs.
  • Find opportunities for deep leadership development for staff at all levels. Strong Families provides opportunities for growth and leadership for staff at all levels of organizations through participation in cohorts and task forces and other collaborations. With our innovative leadership development model, Forward Stance, Strong Families is transforming the way leaders show up in our movements.

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