Resource List

National Resources

The following list of organizations and websites may be able to offer additional support through the enrollment process.

National Help Center at 1 (800) 318-2596 (available 24/7 in different languages)
Run by the federal government, the National Help Center can connect you, enroll you, help you understand the subsidies available to your family, and direct you to local groups in your state to get additional information. 

Henry Kaiser Family Foundation

The Kaiser Family Foundation has created a great searchable frequently asked questions page. Just enter your key search words to get more information. 


Out2Enroll is a nationwide initiative that seeks to connect LGBT people with new health insurance coverage options made available by the Affordable Care Act. The Out2Enroll initiative is a collaborative project of the Center for American Progress, the Federal Agencies Project, and the Sellers Dorsey Foundation.

Family Equality Council

Family Equality connects, supports, and represents the three million parents who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender and their six million children.
(617) 502-8700 

Greater Than AIDS

This website includes great information for what the ACA means for someone living with HIV. It also has specific information about how the Ryan White HIV/AID program and the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) may change with implementation of the ACA.

Intersex Society of North America

Although INSA has closed its doors, the website contains a wealth of facts and links for individuals looking for additional information about being intersex or raising an intersex child.

National Women's Health Network (NWHN)

The NWHN's health information program “Women's Health Voice” provides clear, well-researched, and independent information on a variety of women's health topics.
(202) 682-2646, Tuesday through Friday, 9am–5pm EST

Lambda Legal

Lambda Legal’s Help Desk provides information and assistance regarding discrimination related to sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and HIV status.

State Resources

Groups listed in specific states have information about their states, but are not able to answer questions about other states.


Transgender Law Center

(415) 865-0176 x 308

New Mexico

Equality NM

(505) 224-2766

Southwest Women's Law Center

(505) 244-0502

Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico

(505) 200-9086

Univ. of New Mexico LGBT Resource Center

(505) 200-9086

Young Women United

(505) 831-8930


Basic Rights Oregon

(503) 222-6151

Cascade AIDS Project

1 (800) 777-AIDS (2437)

PFLAG - Portland Black Chapter

1 (503) 232-7676\

Q Center

1 (503) 234-7837

Sexual & Gender Minority Youth Resource Center

1 (503) 872-9664


Lesbian Health Initiative of Houston

(713) 426-3356