New Mexico Medicaid

New Mexican Medicaid In the Fall of 2011, New Mexico Governor Susan Martinez asked her administration to redesign the New Mexico Medicaid program. The program is currently the main form of health coverage for the 1 in 4 New Mexicans who live below the poverty line. The majority of recipients are children, people with disabilities, and seniors.

Secretary Squier and the New Mexico Health and Human Services Department suggested that recipients use the Medicaid system "more wisely" and asked that they put "more skin in the game."

In the words of Young Women United staff member Micaela Cadena, "They don't trust us to take care of our own health, and they want us to pay more money for fewer services. But we know that being poor does not mean we are irresponsible; all our families deserve respect."

Led by Strong Families member Young Women United, organizers in New Mexico presented almost 1,000 signatures to Governor Martinez. Work continues on the ground, and our partners are hopeful that the redesign will not put added burdens on low income families.