RAD – Revolutionizing A Dream

RAD – Revolutionizing A Dream

The Revolutionizing A Dream (RAD) cohort is the young people's arm of the Strong Families movement. We are made up of organizations that work with young people ages 13 to 23 on issues of race, gender and sexuality.

Goals of the cohort:

  1. Bring a youth voice
  2. Bring a youth voice and youth priorities to the Strong Families movement building initiative.
  3. Align the work of SF Youth Orgs to create an echo chamber of youth voices that has an impact in all of our communities and beyond.
  4. Build the leadership of young people to impact policies and shift culture that will support their families to thrive.
  5. Engage young people of the “Rising American Electorate” in state/ local/ national elections.

Current Campaigns:

Queer and Trans Youth Resiliency: This culture shift project highlights the resiliency of Queer and Trans young people.

RAD Cohort Organizations