Sexuality Education Justice: A broader vision of sex ed

Sexuality Education Justice

Strong families require resources and support so that we can care for ourselves and each other. Many of our family members, youth and adults alike, do not have access to accurate information about sexuality and sexual health. Comprehensive sexuality education in schools and parent-school partnerships are important ways to support the health and well-being of families.  We support service providers working with Asian families as well as sexuality education advocates across the country in building a broader vision for sexuality education that supports young people, parents, families and communities.

To contact our SEJ Team, please email Melanie Tom.

In this section

  • About SEJ

    Find out more about the sexuality education justice framework and ACRJ's work to advance SEJ.

  • Transforming Asian Communities: Tools for Sexuality Education

    Read about ACRJ's work to engage Asian communities in talking about sexuality and working for change in sexuality education.

  • The New Sex Ed

    Check out this brand new multi-media resource for organizing in grassroots communities and building a movement for sexuality education justice!